About the Music Production team Where we came from to get here.

The team behind Unit Studios are Adam Menczykowski & Andy Theakstone. Both are musicians and music producers with experience in live sound and performance.

About us: Andy Theakstone & Adam Menczykowski in the live room

The team who run the studio are Music producers & Recording Engineers, but predominantly musicians themselves.

The Studio facility is run by Adam Menczykowski and Andy Theakstone, both have known each other from a young age and have worked on many musical projects together over the years. Combining their musical knowledge and skills in Producing and Engineering, any project they put their energies into will benefit from their wealth of experience. Read more about them below:

Andy Theakstone

Andy has been involved in music and record production from a very young age. He plays a variety of instruments including drums, guitar, piano and bass which helped him form a career in music. An avid vinyl collector of rock, jazz, funk, Afrobeat, hip-hop, drum and bass and dance, he has an eclectic taste in music which is recognised in the diverse style of productions he has worked on.

Drummer, bass & guitarist, adding rhythm to your ideas

Andy has played around the world as a session drummer and live sound engineer notably playing with Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Paolo Nutini, Flea, Liam Bailey, Natty, Amadou + Miriam and Py.

When producing music in the studio he loves to develop bands and songwriters. Andy has a passion for making every song work in its own right by building a solid rhythmic foundation whilst creating memorable moments with sounds and melody.

About Andy Theakstone

Adam Menczykowski

Adam has been playing the piano from the age of 7 and since his teenage years has focussed on learning skills to become a Studio Producer and Live Sound Engineer, specialising in Monitor mixing for name artists.

Pianist, sound engineer, help with song writing

He has a history of making electronic music, starting out programming beats using tracker software before ever recording a single live source.

He has worked for Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Phoenix, Daft Punk, and various artists on tour all over the world. Nowadays he concentrates on improving his studio skills, coaxing the best out of artists that pass through the facility. From arranging pop tracks to crafting hard-hitting dance productions, he always looks for the best in others, and makes sure that they achieve their potential.

Adam Menczykowski - Unit Studios

Nick Kozuch

The newest addition to Unit Studios, Nick, approaches sessions with a passion to ensure that the workflow as well as the sonic production are working together to match the vibe of the project.


Having adored music from a very early age, his studio and composition is very wide and varied. From creating remixes for a large number of acts (most notably Bring Me The Horizon and The Skints) to composing for radio, TV, film and web in almost every conceivable style, Nick is keen to bring out unique and exciting sonic textures and memorable hooks in the work he produces.

Himself a musician, Nick has been playing guitar since he was 8 years old, still performs live with his own band and has toured across the UK and Europe as a performer. He has also plied his craft by teching guitar and drums for acts such as Don Broco and My Passion. His keen interest in the guitar is always reflected in his production, as he views it vital to create top quality tone for all tracks he records.

Nick Kozuch Unit Studios

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