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Browse the areas, facilities & studio equipment on offer. Detailing musical instruments, facilities, microphones, recording equipment, mic preamps, analogue outboard & studio monitoring. Why not take a look in our Gallery to see more pictures and watch our promo video?

Musical Instruments

Pick up any of these and use them in your recording session next time you book with us.

Musical Instruments

Pearl Reference 5 Piece Drum Kit

10,12,14,22. Custom made drum kit that utilises specific woods for each drum to maximise depth, resonance and tone.

Yamaha Upright piano

Record using this great piano with a light touch.

Electric guitar

Fender Stratocaster - made in Mexico

Electric bass

Fender Jazz bass - made in Mexico

Acoustic guitar

Tanglewood Rosewood Jumbo with a vintage suburst gloss finish


Ranging from bongos, ganza shakers, tambourines, we have an extensive selection available.

Pearl Masters Drum Kit.

3 Toms, a selection of world class cymbals, a choice of Snares.

Double Bass

Vintage double bass perfect for folk or jazz sessions.


Folk percussion instrument that is played with hands and feet.

Facilities available to all our clients

Studio areas - take a look around
Area Purpose Info.
Control Room Editing & Mixing Acoustically treated, with focus on the mix position to ensure accurate reproduction of mixes. Air conditioned
Live Studio Performance Wooden floors & Tailored acoustics to ensure neutral reproduction of live instruments
Chillout area Featuring XBOX 360 [Fifa, Call Of Duty, etc.], Wireless internet
Kitchen Microwave, Tea & Coffee, Toilet etc. [Put a mic in the corridor to get a great drum room sound!]

Studio Equipment Browse our equipment & facilities.

Studio Microphones
Manufacturer Model Type Quantity
AKG D112 Dynamic, Cardioid 1
Audio Technica 4050 Large Diaphragm Condenser 2
Electrovoice RE-20 Dynamic, Zero proximity Cardioid 1
Rode NT K Tube LD Condenser 1
sE Electronics sE2200a Large Diaphragm Condenser 1
sE Electronics RT-1 Ribbon, Figure Of Eight 2
sE Electronics sE 4 Pencil Condenser 2
Shure SM 57 Dynamic, Cardioid 3
Shure SM 58 Dynamic, Cardioid 2
Shure SM 7b Dynamic, Cardioid 1
Shure SM 91b Boundary 1
Radioshack cheap & nasty! Dynamic, Cardioid 1
Studio Monitoring
Manufacturer Model info.
KEF 104ab Vintage (1979) monitors with Technics power amp
KRK V6 Active monitors
Yamaha NS10m Industry Standard studio monitors with excellent phase response, powered by a Yamaha power amp
Sennheiser HD280 [2 sets]
Sennheiser HD25II
Shure SRH840
Recording Equipment
Type Info. Notes
Apple Mac Pro 12 core Recording Computer
Apple Logic Pro 9 & X Digital Audio Workstation
Apogee Symphony I/O premium AD/DA conversion
Microphone Preamps
Make Model Channels
Apogee Symphony I/O 8
Avalon vt-737 1
Mackie CFX 12 12
Neve 1073 dpa 2
RME Octamic D 8
Unknown Vintage 1960's Valve 1
Analogue outboard
Make Model info.
BSS 404 4 channels of robust compression
BSS 901 mono dynamic eq for getting out of trouble on badly recorded sources
Electrix Filter Factory Stereo analogue filter with LFO and buzz distortion
Empirical Labs Distressor Incredibly versatile mono compressor with distortion functionality
Klark Teknik DN 22 Stereo 11 band graphic equaliser
Neve 8803 Stereo 4 band equaliser with filters taken from the 88 series modern Neve mixing desk circuit design
Overstayer VCA Compressor 2 channel bus compressor with parallel compress function imported from Los Angeles