Studio Services

We offer three core services to our clients:


Band Recording
Our live room has a neutral acoustic sound great for drums and instruments. The acoustic treatment has been custom built specifically to the room dimensions to uphold a great room sound with lots of flexibility.
Make use of our instruments including Pearl Reference drum kit, a wide range of Zildjian and Sabian cymbals, a choice of snare drums and Yamaha upright piano.
Solo Artists
Focus on your strongest performance element and let us capture it perfectly.
Location Recording
Choirs or Groups can capture their performances at concerts.
Our live room can be configured to achieve an extremely clear & dry vocal sound ideal for VO work.


Bring an idea to the studio and turn it into a solid, structured masterpiece.
If you only play one instrument or just sing, the rest of the instrumentation / orchestration can be taken care of.
We can transform your recorded songs into dynamic and exiting recordings. If you have recorded your song at home or elsewhere, let us bring the mix to its full potential.
If you have a basic song written, we can advise on how to shape it's sound, and if we can't play the live instruments for you we will get the right musicians in for the job.
Our experience in editing digital audio allows us to manipulate drums grooves, adjust instrument timing and tune vocals. This gives additional flexibility when producing music to the highest standard.


Music for Picture
Take a look at our Composition, Music Production & Sound Design showreel. We have worked with a variety of businesses from Ford cars to MTV, writing music bespoke music specific to brief.
Adverts, & Web Campaigns... custom music is our forte.
Movie / Short Film soundtrack composition & dialogue mixing.
Sound Design
From recording Foley to generating corporate brand sounds.
Gaming & Animation
Complex sound libraries and character voices for use in Games and Animations.