Studio Terms & Conditions

The following is our terms & conditions to all clients of the recording studio. We know it’s boring, but please read through this so you understand how we operate.

  1. 25% of fee must be paid in advance, at time of booking.
  2. A booking is not considered confirmed until deposit has been paid.
  3. Our cancellation policy is 14 days before the session date. If you cancel before then, we will refund your deposit.
  4. The Fee must be paid in full by the day before the recording session.
  5. Deposits and Fees can be paid as cash, paypal or bank transfer.

Damage to equipment

By using the studio facility, you agree to pay for the cost of repairing / replacing any items damaged by any member of your party during the session, or going missing during the session.


We strive to avoid downtime during a session, however the highly technological nature of modern recording studios means that it is impossible to safeguard 100%. In the event of downtime during your session due to a technical fault, the only course of action is to make up the lost time without charge for the studio or any engineer included in the original cost of the hire.


Please note that access to the upstairs area of the studio is via stairs.

Health & Safety

The staff at Unit Studios always strive to run the studio sessions safely and without risk to the client.