Voice Over recording Quality focused recording service.

Looking for a Voice Over recording service in Hertfordshire? We can offer a high quality recording service from our facility.

Unit Studios offer Voice over recording and vocal production and are based just 30 minutes north of London. With a wealth of experience in all aspects of recording, our team can ensure you will come away with a high quality finished product. Our professional recording conditions provide consistently clean and crisp vocal recordings so you can trust us to deliver audio which is instantly ready to you for your website, TV, gaming and radio.

Our team take an assistive approach in preparation for the vocal sessions, ensuring that files are ready beforehand and that scripts are checked and re-checked before any recording occurs. Feel free to liaise with our team via email, phone, skype or in person to ensure that all details in the planning stage are covered and that the time booked is used to its maximum potential.

Services include:

  • Voice Over
  • ADR
  • Script proof reading & editing
  • Expert recording & editing
  • Remote direction via Skype
  • FTP upload and download
  • Sound to picture
  • Music to picture
  • Show reel creation
  • Multiple file format conversion
  • Short run CD / DVD replication

Studio facilities:

  • Logic 9 DAW
  • High quality microphones
  • Pristine clarity mic preamps
  • Noise removal plugins
  • High quality EQ & Compression plugins
  • Fast ‘Fibre’ broadband connection 35+mb download 9+mb upload
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Chill out area
AT 4050 used for Voice Over recording at Unit Studios
Shure SRH 840 used for Voice Over recording at Unit Studios
Relax at a Voice Over Session